Yes, IRCTC has brought a special package of Thailand Tour for its passengers. link slot gacor thailand Under this package, travellers can spend 5 days in a beautiful country like Thailand. Under this package, travellers will be able to visit not only Thailand but Bangkok and Pattaya City also. The name of this package is ‘Thrilling Thailand X Kolkata’. The following facilities will be available in this package:

According to the information given on the IRCTC website, the passengers who will be part of this tour will have to take a package of 30 thousand 500 rupees for double seating. At the same time, the charge for Single Sitting is 34 thousand 999 rupees. Even if you want to do this tour in a group of three people, you will still have to take a package of 30 thousand 500 rupees. Children will have to spend a tour separately.

On the other hand, we have come to know that IRCTC has brought a tour package for its passengers to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 22 thousand 299 rupees per person will have to be spent for this tour package. It is stated that under this tour package, travellers will visit very beautiful destinations like Port Blair and Havelock Island. This tour will also start from Kolkata.

Apart from this, under the tour package, travellers will be given tours of many beautiful locations. Such as Corbin Cove Beach, Museum of Anthropology, Naval Museum, Cellular Jail, Black Stone Beaches and Radhanagar Beach.

During the tour, the tourist will get to have some thrilling experiences like snorkeling, ferry rides, coral reef etc If you are planning to holiday in Goa and are worried about how all the arrangements will be made, so there is no need to worry at all. IRCTC has brought your Goa Tour Package. This package, named ‘GLORIOUS GOA’, will last for 3 nights and 4 days.

Under this, you can start the journey from Mumbai by train no.-10111 (Konkan Kanya Express) every Friday. Similarly, return every Monday from Madgaon / Thivim to Train no.-10104 (Mandovi Express). In this tour package, you will get standard and comfortable 2 options, whose fare would be different. Apart from this; if you want to stay in Thailand for long time, you can take Thailand Elite Visa for getting great opportunities.


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