The worldwide web is a vast universe,

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 not only of information, but it has evolved into a global marketplace where people interact, share, and purchase.musical notes is one of the most popular commodities sold online.Back in 2008, Apple has issued a statement that over 5 billion songs have been downloaded over iTunes.This figure has definitely escalated over the years.  For an artist or a musician who has decided to take the DIY business model is no longer trekking on a road less traveled.We are now seeing the twilight days of record labels,where artists used to solely rely on for the selling and music distribution to retailers.With the advent of digital music downloading, Digital Music Distribution is now the leading business model that drives marketing and monetization for independent artists.The major role of a music distribution company or aggregator is to make sure that your songs are accessible and available to your fans anytime, anywhere.  Just like any other commodity, fans have their preferences, brand loyalties, or their trusted online stores where they regularly fill their shopping carts with online goodies, particularly music.Thus,it is crucial for a music distribution company to establish presence in key music outlets.For music aficionados, the top of mind music store is iTunes.Yet,some indie artists fail to see that an expanded music distribution arm is equally important.  There are more avenues to Sell Music online and monetize your songs beyond iTunes.Here are the top‘places’where digital music distribution or selling music online should cover and take place:Online RetailersiTunes is top of mind in this field.But as mentioned earlier,consumer brand loyalties and preferences come into play, thus, it is important to get to as many retailers as possible.  Amazon, Napster, and the like, are key industry players that have their own clout of loyal customers.For music distribution to work even further,choose an aggregator that has a reach of over 750 retailers,in over 100 countries.Streaming SitesApart from purchasing and downloading music online, consumers have now another option to consume music–streaming.This is the evolution of radio.Instead of listening to songs that other people program and play, music fans can now personalize their radio station – they listen to music that they want to listen to.  For a certain fee, fans can now create their own online playlists – they choose the line-up of songs, the artists, the genre of music that they want to hear.Among the popular music streaming sites are Spotify, Last-FM, Pandora Radio, Yahoo music, among others. Mobile RetailersGone are the days when mobile phones were solely used for calling and texting.Listening to music while on-the-go has been one of the prime uses for a mobile phone.Make sure that your music distribution also covers mobile music retailers / partners.Yes,people now use their cellphones to download music from mobile network providers and through mobile apps.Make sure they find you in relevant mobile carriers such as Nokia Music, Samsung’s Music Hub,and more.


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