In the world of رومابت, having the best players is everything. Big clubs like Real Madrid has been paying record prices for footballers over the years, the pinnacle of this was seen in 2009, with the sale of European player of the year Ronaldo leaving Man Utd to join Los Galacticos for an incredible 70 million pounds.

Now, when looking at the modern day prices and salaries of football players, to me it seems bizarre. Many commentators will argue that they get what they’re paid for. However when you consider the actual hours they work, the difficulty of this work, and the demand/supply of there services, it’s hard to understand the predicament we’re already in.

Premier League footballers are thought to earn anywhere between £1 million and £5 million per year, depending on their skill level and which club they’re at. A number of people will make the claim “they’re that good at football they’re worth it”. However in football, just like any other economic system where market forces in free trade determine prices and wages, sets these wages. Clubs are happy paying ridiculous salaries for these players, and yet I still cannot understand nor comprehend why.

Look at the condition of football clubs in England today. Almost all of them in under massive debt. Manchester Utd has a debt of around £500 million, as does Liverpool, and Chelsea’s debt is also similar. The point I’m making is that football clubs don’t appear to be profitable assets or organisations at all. Owners don’t invest in football clubs for profit.

This then leads to the conclusion or praxis – if football clubs don’t make profit, then how can footballer wages possibly be set so high under free market conditions? Think about it, a business and it’s costs should be restricted by how much profit it makes, or how much it can afford. If a football club makes no profit, not just in a single case but on a generalised scale, then how can footballers’ pay still be set so high? It really doesn’t make sense to me at all. There are a massive number of football players worldwide, we have numerous professional leagues in England alone, and many football clubs will have up to 100 professional players on contract. So how is it possible that players’ salaries are increasing when football clubs generally seem to be getting poorer?


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