The Inn at Petersen Village and the Royal Copenhagen Inn offer elegant honeymoon packages. Many of these include wine tasting rooms in the Village, as well as golf packages. If you stay at Peterson Village, Sunday-Monday, you can buy 3 nights and receive the 4th night free. For those who bring recreational vehicles, there is the slot gacor Lake Recreation Area and Flying Flags RV Park.

Danish Days is celebrated every year in September with Danish folk dancing, parades and food. Local favorites such as frikadeller (meat balls), medisterpolse (sausages), and rodkaal (red cabbage) are served in many restaurants. And from the bakeries, try aebleskiver, a powdered sugar-dusted and jam filled Danish pancake ball.

Solvang’s Festival Theater presents tragedies, comedies and well-known musicals in an outdoor amphitheater under the stars. The theater seasons runs from June through October. “Bed and theater” packages are often sold out, so make your reservations early. Three miles east of Solvang is the Chumash Indian Casino. The Chumash Indian Casino Hotel has 106 spacious rooms and 17 luxury suites as well as a spa. The casino offers slots, poker, table games and bingo, 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

While on your honeymoon in Solvang, pick up some collectibles, glass, china and handmade lace imported from Denmark. Take a ride on a 1915 replica street trolley pulled by Belgian draft horses.


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