Cell phones are great items to sell on eBay and online auction sites because scores of consumers seek out phone deals through best planar magnetic headphones.

A reliable reseller can find great opportunity here.

People do want cheap mobile phones because no one wants to overspend in tough economic times. (Nor do they want to overspend in great economic times for that matter!) Unfortunately, even the best cheap phones may suffer from problems.

As a reseller, you will be required to solve your customer’s problems because this will improve your reputation and help you gain repeat business. Of course, this means you need to be familiar with a few of those frequent problems.

Troubleshooting Insights, Tips, and Solutions

Problem 1: The Phone Doesn’t Charge

Solution: phones do not charge for a number of reasons.

More common ones might include:
* Incorrectly connected cables
* Faulty cables
* A faulty charger or a charger working on the wrong voltage
* A faulty battery
* An old, or incorrectly charged, battery.

To ensure that you get the situation resolved quickly and efficiently with the minimum of frustration to the customer follow this procedure:

1) Ask the customer to ensure that the device is plugged in properly and firmly connected to both spots.
2) Ask the customer to try out the cable on another phone/try another cable on the phone.
3) Ask the customer which country they are in and which voltage is written on the charger.
4) Ask the customer if they fully charged the battery then charged it down again.


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