Well, I have good news: there are some very effective organic techniques you can apply to your garden right now to control West Coast Cure Weed.

(By the way, you do not want to use chemical herbicides… I’ll save the details on why for another article… but for now trust me on this, if you value the health of your family and garden you will stay away from using chemicals!)

You’ll need hoes, mulch, a weed barrier mat and a knife made specifically for removing weeds. (You can get all these things from the garden center at Wal*mart!)

Best use for dead weeds: Take the weeds you yank out and toss them in your compost pile. (This way your hard work won’t be for nothing and those suckers will actually benefit your garden!)

Not only does laying mulch keep your soil moist and healthy but the mulch actually prevents weed seeds from germinating!

For maximum effectiveness you should lay down the weed barrier mat before you plant. The mat does a great job of “blocking” weeds from growing out of the soil!

Weed barrier mat tip: If you get a dark colored mat you can actually plant your garden earlier in the season. (As you know, dark colors absorb heat… which in turn will warm your planting soil earlier in the spring!)

The young weeds don’t cause as much havoc as “older weeds”… this is because older plants will seed your garden and create more weeds for your to deal with!

Bottom Line: You’ll save yourself from lots of headaches if you pull out weeds when they’re “young”… this way they won’t have a chance to seed your garden!

Most gardeners don’t know this – if you dampen the soil before pulling the weeds they will come out much easier!

There’s no way to avoid it: weeds are part of every garden. But if you follow the methods I’ve shown you, not only will they be easier to manage but your garden will thrive and flourish!


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