It is the client or the customer who runs the business and not the business owner. A deeper insight would reveal that the data pertaining to these customers is very crucial for the woofapps. The data related to other aspects of business management are equally important. If you want your business to be successful and run as desired towards achieving the set goals, the data base is an indispensable element. If you want all the departments of the business (like marketing, finance, HR and production) to work in harmony, then the Database applications become mandatory. When the database application is made to work from different locations it is termed as mobile database application.

There are many people who think of these two terminologies to be one and the same, but in reality both are quite different. The prime difference between the two is related to their dependence on the external server. While the online applications have to be connected to the external server the mobile applications are independent of it. When there is no network connectivity to any external server the online application will stop functioning but the mobile applications will keep on working despite getting disconnected. This implies that the mobile applications must be available from anywhere with or without any network connection to the external server.

Optimum efficiency of the mobile application is possible when it pertains to local data storage rather than external server. For a mobile application accessing a data from local data storage is easy. Moreover, the application is least concerned with the network connection. Mobile applications of this kind are very quick and make the user feel very comfortable.

The only weak point of mobile applications is that the designing and implementing part are very complex. A mobile application cannot work in isolation forever. There needs to be some exchange of data at one time or another between the application and the source of data. The data in the application has to be regularly updated and this becomes difficult especially when the application is not having any network connection.

The mobile database applications have proved to be much cheaper than the online applications that depend on the browser for data. The dependency of the mobile data application is very limited while in case of online application the data is constantly sent and received between the server and the data storage device.


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