Ever since the arrival of social media communication, each one has defined digital lifestyle. Each technology user has been keen on marking their presence online. Another thing is keeping in continuous touch with your friend network. Some are keen on online marketing for their company or products. Even though it does seems interesting but at times things might get out of hand. Either too much of distraction, Buy Verified Binance Accounts hack or simply that you would like to actually shut it off for your own peace. Other things can be privacy concern. Whatever the reason be, if you have finally decided to shut off, kill, deactivate your Facebook and Twitter accounts then you need to know how it can be done.

There are easy to do steps like deactivating and deleting your account. A link on the given page might help you remove your social media account. However, locating that sub-menu option or sifting through the entire menu is not possible. Often due to our busy lives we tend to overlook that option that seems to be tucked away somewhere in the menu.

Facebook is easy to handle if you decide to get rid of your account. It gives its users with the power to deactivate their account. With Twitter, a user is given a 30-day time out to help a user decide if they want to deactivate their account permanently. After this given time period the account will be permanently deleted.

After all this if you have finally made up your mind to get rid of pokes, unwanted messages, retweets, then here is how you will be able to do it.

Deleting Twitter

You have an account on Twitter that you want to get rid of or delete. There can be many reasons why you have taken this decision. Probably you are annoyed by hash-tag, the retweet is tiring to go through or to get rid of slanders hurled at you for what you tweeted. Another reason can be that you want to create a new account and leave the old one. No matter what it is time that you remove it completely, here is how:

• Launch Twitter and log in your account
• After signing into your account click the gear icon
• Click Settings that will reveal a list along with the option of Deactivate my account
• If you want to remove it permanently then choose the Deactivate button that will remove your account by giving your permission to do so

Facebook is one of the best medium that helps you connect to people world over. However, there are numerous annoyances like people who keep messaging you, pokes that you want to get rid off or the privacy of your account is compromised. No matter whatever your reason for doing so, if you have decided to remove, delete or deactivate your Facebook profile then you need to consider a few things.

First thing that you need to consider is that your data is long retained even after you have removed your profile. Other things like your pictures, posts and messages will be still around on your account in case you decide to revive your account on Facebook.


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