Are you tired of those who claim to be tolerant but tolerate everything EXCEPT Christianity? It’s amazing how the saving message of Jesus Christ causes such a strong reaction among the politically correct crowd. Almost every vestige of Christianity has been stripped from the culture.

But one place they can’t strip it is off your back.

That’s why the wearing of Christian clothing and Christian jewelry has caught on so powerfully among believers who want to share their faith and counter the anti-God culture. Christian T-Shirts are hugely popular, with messages taken straight from the Bible emblazed across the front and back in brght and bold shirts with very creative designs.

The average T-Shirt is seen by 3,000 people during its life of wear. That’s a huge audience and the number of Christian T-Shirts in use today now reaches the millions. Talk about an effective evangelism tool!. Christian T-Shirts come in all sizes and styles, from toddlers to triple extra large adult sizes. There are designs for teens, women and kids and many are creative parodies of cultural icons.

This year, long-sleeved Christian shirts and Christian sweatshirts and Christian hoodies have taken off. Same has happened with Christian caps and hats.

The other big trend is in Christian jewelry. It started in the 1980’s with an explosion in Christian crosses worn around the neck. Now they’ve been joined by Christian bracelets, Christian headbands, Christian sliders, Christian rings, Christian watches and Christian earrings.

We live in a casual society where T-Shirts are worn almost everywhere. But some offices, schools and workplaces prohibit T-Shirts during working hours. That’s where Christian jewelry comes in. Christian jewelry can be worn everywhere. Especially popular are Christian rings, which typically come in Sterling Silver and have attractive designs like the Crown of Thorns or a cut-out cross.

So while it may seem like the culture has conspired to keep the Christian message out of everyday life, there are ways to counter that intolerance by sharing your faith in a way that speaks just as loudly as a billboard.

Wear your witness on your back. Get the message out with a Christian T-Shirt or some Christian jewelry. They speak powerfully to a culture that needs to hear like never before.


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