Last night I was called a Recover stolen crypto ARTIST… by somebody who read one of my blogs about cash gifting marketing. This person sent me an angry email, claiming that all cash gifting mentors were nothing but a “big bunch of rip-offs”. Naturally, I felt bothered this, so I wrote back asking him to explain his viewpoint…

Turns out that he had joined a costly cash gifting club a few months ago, but still hasn’t gotten one single gift. When I asked him what he did as far as marketing his opportunity, he said that he had just hung up some posters at his college and posted a few Craigslist ads…

It’s stories like this that make people believe that cash gifting is a scam… A Scam… A word that is casually thrown around by many people… But how many people do actually KNOW what a scam is?

I have searched for it in an online dictionary, and it turns out the definition of the verb “To Scam” is “to deprive of by deceit”. Now, let’s consider cash gifting. The meaning of the word “gifting” is “the act of giving”… to give something to someone, to show good will… How can an act so well-intentioned get confused with something that, by definition, is its opposite?

These are the MAIN REASONS why some consider CASH GIFTING A SCAM: A lot of people are traditional. The tradition dictates that you must work very hard and for a really long time to secure a comfortable old age. A young adult getting thousands of dollars cash every week? The conventional worldview refuses to accept it.

– Ex-affiliates spreading around the story of their failure. “I Got Scammed With Cash Gifting!” “Beware of the Cash Gifting Scam!” “They Took My Money And Ran!” 9 times out of 10 these people joined a cash gifting program, expecting to receive CEO income while sitting on their couch in front of the TV, eating potato chips. It doesn’t work that way. Like anything else, it takes determination, commitment and willingness to learn.

– Bad mentors. They have successfully attracted a few cash gifting hopefuls by plugging into their program’s co-ops or postcard marketing system, but they have no idea about any other kinds of marketing and they don’t want to/ don’t have time to learn. These guys are bad news if you’re signed up under them.

They will be no help to you whatsoever, and almost everybody on their team is not going to ever see a dime from cash gifting… These unfortunate team members will be sure to let the world know that they were “scammed in cash gifting”, while, in fact, they got “dogged” by their individual mentor.

A combination of these elements has given the concept of cash gifting a “shifty” reputation… a concept that has helped people that were having financial troubles, losing their jobs and/or going through foreclosure.


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