Not so long ago, I was making my daily rounds to various
message boards online that are dedicated to working from
home. Alongside the usual, ‘Is this a scam?’ questions
was a disturbing post, which basically said:I’ve come to realize that everything’s a scam, not
just envelope 먹튀사이트 typing jobs and craft and
assembly jobs, but also MLM and affiliate programs.
They are all scams! I have tried them all and never
made any money.’What’s even worse was that there were several people who
wholeheartedly agreed.

The Internet, unfortunately, is rife with scams and shams
about working from home. There is a huge market of people
searching for a work-at-home career — and plenty of others
willing to take advantage of it in whatever way they can.
It’s no surprise, then, that so many people have been
‘burned’ by so-called ‘opportunities’.But let me say this: An opportunity is not necessarily a
scam just because someone didn’t make money.Yes, you read that right. You see, there’s no such thing
as a ‘one-opportunity-fits-all’. I know that many of the
opportunities you see online try to make it seem like
‘anyone’ can succeed… but it’s just hype.

For example, Avon is a well-known and legitimate
opportunity. Would everyone do well at it? Of course not.
A dog-walking business is also a home-based opportunity.
A reliable and experienced dog-lover may do well, but
someone with a fear of dogs would not for obvious reasons.
That doesn’t make the opportunity a scam.There are loads of opportunities available — those you
can ‘join’, and those you create for yourself. And
although scams appear to be everywhere you look,
legitimate opportunities can be found, too.Here’s another example. An affiliate program is where you
sell another company’s products or services in return for
a commission. Now I know from personal experience that
most affiliate programs are not scams. Heck, I was able
to quit my corporate job because of my success with them!

That’s not to say that I succeeded with all of them. There
were plenty of programs I joined where I didn’t make a
single thin dime (or, in some cases, that’s ALL I made!).
Does that make them a scam? No. It took time, effort, and
experimentation before I found the affiliate programs that
my audience appreciated.Healthy skepticism is great, even necessary, when searching
the Internet for a way to work from home. At the same time,
don’t sabotage yourself by putting on blinders and assuming
that everything you run across is a scam.

Learn the tell-tale signs of a scam so that you can protect
yourself. Do your research. And don’t be afraid to ask
questions, lots of them if necessary! It may take you 1
attempt or 20 attempts to find the business that’s right
for you. Can’t find an opportunity that suits you? Create
one. Opportunity is everywhere!


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