If you’ve decided you want to learn to New York Fake driver’s license a car in the UK, and require a good driving instructor, then you might be asking the question, how do I find one, or how will I be sure that the instructor I choose will actually be good for me, not just take my money and pro-long my driving lessons to get the maximum income from me before allowing me to take the practical DSA test?

In this article, I’m going to share some vital facts that will steer you in the right direction, it won’t guarantee that you would absolutely make the right choice, but if you bear this information in might when looking for a good driving instructor, you are more likely to find the right person for you.

1. Good driving instructors are fully qualified and approved by the DSA (the government body that regulates all standards relating to driving a car in the UK), and they can prove this by their green registration badge which they have to display on their school car windscreen when giving paid instruction. If your instructor has a pink badge, that means they are a trainee, and have not fully completed the 3 part qualifying process. While being a trainee doesn’t necessarily mean they are not going to be a good instructor, personally, it is my opinion that they would not have the necessary experience behind them yet to prove they are.

2. Good quality driving instructors do not come cheap. This is a very important fact that you have to consider when choosing an individual that is going to help you learn to drive and pass the hard UK driving test, as a lot of people quite easily ignore it, thinking that as long as the person has a driving school roof sign or displays ‘L’ plates on the car, then they will be able to do the job. Currently in London the price for lessons is from £20-£32 per hour depending on where you live and who you take them with either national driving schools like AA, BSM, LDC, RED or Bill Plant charging the premium rates and local independent operations in the lower range. However there are many learner drivers who seek and find driving instructors offering £15 driving lessons in London, and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that they are not getting good value for their money because there is no way a legally operating driving instructor can make a profit and earn a living in London charging those prices. Good and dirt cheap driving lessons do not go together.

Now don’t think that all expensive instructors are going to be good (even AA, BSM and Red have bad apples in the fold), but you can safely assume that anyone charging peanuts for lessons will have some skeletons in their cupboard.

3. Good driving instructors do not change behaviour after your first few lessons. If you start noticing changes in the behaviour of the person teaching you to drive, then it might be that instructor is now revealing their true colour, and are hoping that you will stick with them because you can’t be bothered to change, are afraid the next ADI will be worse or you just tolerate these issues till you have passed your practical test. Well if that happens to you, I suggest you look for someone else, don’t allow them to get away with it. A rude sexual remark here, a racial comment about another road user or driver there will only get worse, that shouting behaviour when you make a mistake are all characteristics that a good driving instructor will not exhibit.


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