When imagining yourself settled down with Mr. Right, you’d be happy to get any ring from the man you love. And as much as he may have the best intentions in the world, he may not have a clue about what kind of ring you’d like. It’s only practical to think about the https://felicegals.com/ you’ll have because it’s something you’ll wear for the rest of your life. Of course the love you share is more important than the ring, but what’s wrong with having the ring of your dreams to go along with the man of your dreams?

Remember that an engagement ring is a big investment, and taking the time and consideration to find the perfect one is not something that should be overlooked. An engagement ring is unlike other jewelry in that it needs to look and feel timeless, rather than something that is fashionable at the time. If you know what kind of ring you want, then drop some hints to help your man in his search.

This is the approach you take when you know exactly what you want, without any doubt or hesitation. This is also a bold way to go! What you want to do is find a clever way to show him a picture of your favorite setting, diamond, or style. This can be done overtly by putting the picture into a card or leaving a website page open with your dream ring on it, or more subtly by casually flipping through a magazine and mentioning how much you like some of the rings.

One thing to remember is to not show him any pictures until you’re sure he’s going to propose. Doing it beforehand can make him nervous and reluctant to shop if he’s not totally ready. But if you’ve both decided that your plans are to get married one day, then showing him a picture of your dream ring is a good way to go.

This is more practical approach to buying an engagement ring. What you lose in the surprise and excitement factor, you gain back in getting exactly what you want. Preferring the right ring that suits your taste and style can be worth a lot more than being surprised.

This can be done in a couple of ways. One, casually bring it up next time you’re near a jewelry store and start looking around for options and trying things on. Two, formally decide on a time to go out specifically shopping for a ring.  If your man is the traditional type, then perhaps window shopping together or searching online is a good way to so that there is no pressure to buy at that time. This way he can go back later and buy the ring on his own, preserving some of the excitement factor of giving it to you.

This is the method used most by the traditional kind of woman. You don’t feel bold enough to blatantly point out the ring yourself, but your sister or best friend knows your style and you can completely trust their taste. You can ease this along by telling your friend/family member what you like and what you don’t. This is especially useful if there is one ring, or style in particular that you love. Then when your man comes along fishing for some hints, suggest in a subtle way to talk to your friend or family member because they are much better with those kinds of things.


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