The large number of popular tourist attractions in Singapore entices people while standing true to its popularity. We have picked top 5 reasons that will make you want tovisit Singapore at least once. This tiny nation is so amazing that you will not want to miss exploring this place while updating the travelling list. Read onto find out more about this sunny glowin88.Also, known as the garden city by many people, Singapore is dotted with hundreds of beautiful, lush green parks all over the city. As soon as you land, you’ll notice the greenery surrounding the entire city. The highways in the city has hedges and flowers and are primly decorated. You will even see plenty of vegetation and golf courses around Singapore. If you want to get some of the great views and picturesque walks, you should visit the Mount Faber Park and Southern Ridges near Sentosa.

The infamous casino, the Marina Bay Sands, is right next to the Gardens of the Bay, which was inaugurated in 2010 and quickly became the new symbol of this city. The casino stands tall with three impressing towers and a boat shaped bridge that connects them. The hotel has over 1600 rooms and the best shopping mall in the whole city. It has a world class casino that features both the Asia and European games, which is worth visiting, obviously after brushing up your casino skills and knowledge.

With a population of over 5 million people working and living in this small country, transportation is a key to keep everything on the move. Singapore has undoubtedly the one of the best transport system in the world. The city has ultra-modern subway stations and the never-ending stops that open up every year. These driverless trains have protective glass walls and are open and roomy. You can find plenty of shops and hygienic toilets at every station, while the trains are cheap and one of the fastest means on getting through the city. You can even hop on a taxi or a bus and unlike the other Asian countries, cabs in Singapore are controlled by the law to use meters which will make you realize that you are paying the correct fare.

You can treat yourself in this city with a wide variety of cuisines and dishes that Singapore has to offer. Try some of the best local dishes such as chili crab, chicken rice, kaya toast and many more scrumptious delicacies. If you want to indulge your taste buds in gourmet cuisines with an interesting twist, visit Mod-Sin. Singapore holds various food events for all the foodies that turn to the city to try different food and cuisines. The Singapore Food festival is famous for coming up with mouth-watering meals to feast on.

Among the various attractions in Singapore, the nightlife dining and clubbing are a thing for you if you are a night owl. Visit Clarke Quay or the Marina Bay to dance the night away, if you are in the mood to party. You can even visit the more laid-back cocktail hotspots and beach bars to party and have beautiful panoramic views.


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