What comes to mind when you think about “ماكينة عد النقود وكشف التزوير“? I find that the concept of money and its significance varies from person to person depending on who you ask. When it comes to money, I think it is safe to assume that this is one of those topics, or values that have either a positive or negative connotation depending on the individual’s personal experience, background and baggage.

From my perspective, I have seen a huge spectrum of reactions and perceptions about money. From those that hate it because they ‘know’ that it will be spent before they get a check, to those that adore the act of accumulating money thinking that it is the answer to all questions.

I must admit that during different stages of life, my own perception of money has changed to some extent. Yet, it is clear to me that I have always been open and receptive to having money. I have been OK with making money and understanding that there is plenty to go around, has always been somewhat my mentality. Although controversial, I do not personally think that having or wanting money is wrong. Money in within itself, to me is means to make other things happen. Like with many other things in life, money can be bad if used for negative purposes or if used in unhealthy ways (excess, drugs, illegal activities, gambling, etc.)

Overall, I think it is important to start SHIFTING our mentality about money. There is much written about money and its energy. In essence, the belief is that if you think of money in good terms, you will attract money. On the other hand, if you are always worried about money, or even subconsciously reject the idea of having money, or think there is something wrong wanting or believing that you deserve money; then you are pushing money away from you.

Just a few things to ponder:

* Men and women have different concepts of money; women want the safety and security while men typically want to be providers. Hence, the different perspective.
* Some cultures and religions teach/associate money with sin or negativity; in reality if tracked down to its origins, many of these beliefs may actually be associated with power and control and not with money, itself.
* Money dictates the quality of life you live; the house you live in, the food you eat, the car you drive, the vacations you take, the clothes you wear, the schools your children attend and the activities you partake in, just to name a few.
* When you have money, you can still be who you are. You can help those around you, support the causes that you believe in and overall, be in charge of your situation.

So, when it comes down to, money is whatever you want it to be and means, whatever you want it to mean. Are you struggling with this idea? I know that you are not alone, but I want to share a couple of ways to start shifting your mentality around money and start realizing that you deserve a better quality of life…and there is nothing to be ashamed of!

I am reminded of the stories we all hear about millionaires that end up broke and unhappy. That is a sad reality that proves what I am trying to convey about money. You have to think positively about money, not only to get your hands on it (that might be the easy part) but also to manage it. Overall, wise and effective money management will ensure to get more money, are able to fulfill your responsibilities and enjoy a life you deserve.

This topic might be sensitive, but we cannot be afraid or ashamed of discussing it. Now more than ever, we ought to take charge of our finances without been intimidated by thoughts of scarcity or insufficiency. If we accept the value of money because it allows us to reach goals that make our lives (and that of those around us) richer, fuller and more satisfying; then we can agree that there is nothing wrong with wanting money. Money does not make us better, smarter, happier…what we choose to do with money is what counts. Having money gives us choices, and allows us to create stable environments and when you make choices, you are empowered and in control.


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