So many people apply for a job without even thinking of whether this company is one which they can thrive in. Not only is it important to find a اقامة مستثمر في دبي that ‘fits’ you, but it also makes it far more likely that you will succeed in the job interview and get the job. Interviewers want to see people that are enthused about the prospect of working for their company. If you really know something about the company, you can articulate exactly why you want to work there. First, consider the size of the company. Big companies have lots of pathways for your future growth. They have many departments and teams each with different cultures. Small companies tend to be more dynamic and quicker moving, with less rules and layers of bureaucracy.

If you like wearing different hats and thrive with different challenges every day then a small company may be good for you. But if you want stability and want to specialize for your career then a large company may have just the niche for you. Remember this is just one indication. Within companies there are micro cultures that live within individual departments. So if you value this aspect of a company, you should further check that the department you will be working for is a good fit.

Second, look at the culture. You can get a feel for the values of a company by how they reward their workers. Start with benefits: Some larger companies have a wide range of benefits that stress community involvement or family involvement. Then look at advancement: One company I’ve become familiar with is very adverse to rewarding people with titles. Most of their employees have very vague, low level sounding titles. To understand how they reward initiative, you really have to talk to people that work there. As it turns out this company is very generous with pensions and benefits and bonuses. Other companies tend to reward employees with titles, but not much else. That company has a feel of being top heavy with lots of very important sounding titled people whose roles are uncertain. (Not co-incidentally, this same company is famous for having hundreds of vice-presidents).

When in doubt talk to a few people who work at a company to get a feel for the culture. Aside from gaining from their perspective you may even be able to get a referral to a department and hiring manager that may be a good fit for you. Lastly, read up on the company in the news. Try to find out what challenges the company faces. Companies with severe challenges can be interesting–but stressful–places to work. Established, companies in less dynamic fields may have a more relaxed atmosphere.

When you interpret this data, use your common sense. For instance, a medical company such as Lily, Pfizer or Merck will clearly be highly regulated and deal with long processes. Similarly, Boeing will have very long development cycles and deal with lots of regulation. But companies like Facebook will have the ability to move quickly.


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